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About The Panal

Sobhe Sepid Pars Milk and Dairy Products Production Company was established in 2004 with the brand name (panal) of the manufacturer of pasteurized dairy products, and after the implementation stages, it was finally put into operation on 5/6/2006, and from the second half of 2006 officially Has entered the production cycle of pasteurized dairy products. The nominal capacity of this factory is 150 tons of various dairy products, including yogurt. Types of dough. Pasteurized milk. Curd and different types of cheese in different weights are in three work shifts, which can be increased by marketing and developing the consumer market. This production unit is located in Fars province, the industrial area of ​​Fasa city, and due to the region's talent in animal husbandry and raw milk production, it is located in a suitable area for activities in the dairy products sector, and geographically in the southeast of Fars province and adjacent to The eastern and southern provinces of our beloved country Iran are located and have good access to target markets in these provinces. One of the main goals of establishing this production unit is to help develop the livestock industry in Fasa city and the south of Fars province and create employment for the youth of Fars province. This has been done properly in the time since the start of the company and now with employment. Direct 350 people and indirectly about 500 people is one of the active and employment-generating units in the south of the country. The products of this unit are a serious competitor of the prestigious brands of the country due to their high quality and quality and are distributed in most of the neighboring provinces of Fars province and the good reception of consumers shows the quality of the products of this production unit.

Kerry Smith. GreenMart’s Founder/CEO

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